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Hello there, dusty journal that hasn't been updated since  last year..

Oh, what's that? You hate me for leaving you unattended so long even though I was still active on this account? Well it's not my fault I'm a lazy and retarded fool who can't write simple articles about my life in the world of art.
Oh, I'm perfectly capable am I? Well I suppose you're right there, but I have no time for silly journals nobody reads.
Now you say I have plenty of watchers and friends who will see it? Oh please, people watch each other for fun these days, then go ahead and just delete all the messages as part of a big spam purge that gets approximately 200 messages in a single hour. It''s like those people who favourite every half decent image they see and don't comment, or add art to collections as if they were just one of many. (They are, but it makes the artist feel like crap. What do I care if my picture was added to your collection "Cute", which also happens to have 900 solid pages of other art in it?)
Some people aren't like that? Well, come on, even *I* do some of  that, man..
I'm a douche bag? Well, that's the idea. I am a pretty lazy fuck.
You say I should stop repeating all you say? Haha, how about *Expletive Deleted* you. :3

Errhem. So anyway, I haven't exactly been active around here as I should be, and my life has been progressing quite slow, Especially art wise. But there's a few things that are notable.

- I drew a new, proper full-page picture yesterday, of my OC Tana. None of that small sketch stuff I've been doing like the Homu and Hanako pics. Here it is:

- Speaking of my OC, I joined a roleplay community Facebook late last year, and have been thoroughly enjoying the people there. The community page is here… and my   OC page is here.…
I really recommend joining up if you like roleplaying, Touhou and Facebook. It's fun! Also please like my page ^^

-I started a Tumblr blog, which suffered the same fate as this journal. (Including recent resurrection)  and that is here.
Followers greatly appreciated.

- Fun Fact: Remember how I hated RPGs? Well, I payed over about $190 for Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 the other day. Why?
1- It's actually a concept, idea and plot that I like and enjoy, and not some slapcrap generic J-RPG
2- Motherfucking limited edition! or should I say ... Motherfucking Limited Edition Gamindustri Savior Set! *Cough* Well, it comes with some pretty cool stuff, and I really wanted the game (IT doesn't appear to sell in my country.. or perhaps I just have found no "big" enough store if it does. Australia must not have demand for it. Besides... Fucking Limited edition, man! xD
Note that this doesn't mean I like RPGs, but that a favour a particular game, and it's just noteworthy of surprise that it's an RPG I absolutely adore. Plus, it has cute girls in it, and purple hair. FUCKING PURPLE HAIR. *Jizz*

- I'm not sure what else to say. So I'll finish off now.

A friend came to me on here not too long ago, and he asked if I was taking commissions. Well.. I'm not, to be honest, but that's because I don't really feel confident in taking someone's money and giving them a drawing that's worth said money. But listen here.. take a look at my drawings, and if you like what you see... feel free to make a request. I have paypal and all that shizz, so if you want to name a price then go ahead, I'll see what I can do. If it works, maybe I'll officially open commissions.In fact, the money could REALLY help me out. Even if it's like 3-5 bucks. Also keep note that I don't colour. But if you commission me something, I'll give you all the rights to colouring the image yourself if you so desire.. I love it when people CG my art, so it'd be nice for people who can't sketch, But can CG. I can't do digital art to save my life, so leave me with my pencil~ ^^

Anyway, that sort of concludes this journal.. for anyone who is ACTUALLY interested in what I do here.. speak up, please? I don't get any comments.. just favourites from people that seem to have over 9000 favourites every day..

Have a nice day, ladies and gents and other strange creatures. I'll leave you with this. -


TanaRiko's Profile Picture
Tana Rei Riko
Artist | Traditional Art
Tana Rei Riko here!

I enjoy Anime, gaming, and drawing! Please enjoy my art!!

I live in Western Australia~

"Ignorance is Bliss.."


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SF-Production Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Just noticed on the Sonic Zone forums you called my Return of Nazo movie utter sh*t.

What didn't you like about it? (Trying to improve my work)
XxFrozenxLovexX Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Thanks a lot for the fav :)
TanaRiko Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012   Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^^
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Thanks for the watch
TanaRiko Featured By Owner May 14, 2012   Traditional Artist

And thank you for the fave :3
TheDude100 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not that I'd request anything now, but do you take commisions?
TanaRiko Featured By Owner May 7, 2012   Traditional Artist
Sure. I've never done commissions before but I'm sure I can work something out.
TheDude100 Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hooray! Thanx'!
TanaRiko Featured By Owner May 14, 2012   Traditional Artist
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